The IMPACT Center for Christian Ethics and Social Responsibility

Our Mission

We awaken and fuel a sense of social responsibility through effective service and social action. Our efforts to serve are based on academic inquiry and Christian ethical reflection. This permeates everything that we do as we challenge students to commit to a life of service to God and Humanity.

In so doing, the Center works with the University in its effort to live out the Greatest Commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27).

Our Vision

We have a vision for instilling in our Campus the “4A’s” of Christian ethical reflection and social responsibility:

  1. Awakening – We will engage students in events to prompt critical thinking, and awaken them to the deep and multi-faceted ethical issues in society.
  2. Awareness – We will raise awareness of the complex issues and needs of society, to move students to address them through action.
  3. Advocacy – We will promote well-researched projects to encourage students as advocates for sustainability and social justice.
  4. Action – We will engage students and faculty in academic service-learning that is effective and empowering.

Our Values and Goals

In undertaking this mission, the Center models what it means to follow the Greatest Commandments in all endeavors. We will empower the University Community to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly through encounters of life-changing service. Students will immerse themselves in experiences and academic study that promotes self-improvement for the purpose of benefiting our Global Society. This will include intense reflection and understanding through academic endeavors, critical thinking, writing, social innovation, and vocational exploration.

In order to live out this vision, the Center fosters ongoing awareness of the principles of ethical Christian service and reflection into the life of the University community. Our vision develops a willing community to help us understand and serve the needs around us. The following initiatives empower us to live out our vision:

  • Clarify, define, and foster academic Service-learning.
  • Initiate and promote sustainability and creation care.
  • Integrate principals of social innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the campus.
  • Facilitate Christian ethical reflection and critical thinking beyond the classroom.
  • Energize the University to engage in effective, innovative service-learning and life-changing reflection.