The Master of Arts in Sport Pedagogy courses are designed to assist individuals who are involved with sport and fitness-related endeavors such as physical education programs, coaching environments, fitness centers, sport clubs, and other physical activity settings.

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A Master of Arts in Sport Education will equip you with a deep knowledge of physical education and fitness disciplines, preparing you to instruct others in a variety of health and wellness programs in businesses and schools.

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The Sport Education program includes instruction in methodology, science, socio-culture and administration, while also offering elective opportunities in psychology, supervision and evaluation, leadership and ethics, and other topics. You will also learn how to develop plans for health risk prevention, understand social issues in physical activity and sport, and identify appropriate instructional techniques and strategies for your career setting.

You can complete all of the Master of Arts in Sport Education online. The program does not include recommendation for graduate-level North Carolina teaching licensure.

Graduate courses in Sport Education provide advanced preparation for professionals in sport and fitness-related career fields, including work in

  1. physical education programs
  2. coaching
  3. fitness centers
  4. sport clubs
  5. other physical activity settings.

In addition to the University’s prerequisites, the Master of Arts in Sport Education requires the completion of 30 credit hours, including eight required courses for a total of 24 hours and two elective courses for six hours of credit.

During the final semester, you must pass a written comprehensive examination based on cumulative coursework.

Additional information, including specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

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